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Ever been canoeing?

3 May , 2016  

Do you know how to operate a canoe? Would you like to learn?

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First Lady Laura Bush!

3 May , 2016   Gallery

ASM John Fitch made arrangements for an amazing horse pack trip in the Ansel Adams wilderness. About three weeks before the trip, John found out that former President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush will be there during the same week. Suddenly, there’s a meeting on the formalities of scouting, i.e., uniform inspections, […]

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Hanging around

3 May , 2016  

Troop 80 started an amazing rock climbing program because it was a suggested by a scout during the annual planning conference. Every climbing event a scout is selected for being the bravest, most courageous scout for that event. Do you have what it takes to give rock climbing a try? Are you willing to cross […]

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Adventure is OUT there!

2 May , 2016  

What do you do when there’s a statewide drought? Go whitewater rafting on the American river. That’s what. These scouts are making memories while bonding with each other. What better way to bond that to have an adventure of a lifetime? I think their faces say it all. Don’t you? Simply put: Troop 80 is […]

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