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Mother’s Day Campout 2017

27 May , 2017   Gallery

Our scouts love the Mother’s Day Campout that takes place the weekend after Mother’s Day. On this trip, scouts get to serve their moms in several ways and show off their scout skills such as setting up camp, setting up their tarp tents, making meals, setting up and tearing down their mom’s tent and sleeping bags, and so much more.

For 2017, 15 moms were treated to a canoe trip at Lake Del Valle in Livermore. The weather cooperated a little too well but with temperatures into the 90s, a lake was the perfect venue. Consequently, scouts and moms had the wonderful option of sleeping under the stars.

Scouts also were preparing for their upcoming summer canoe trip to Utica Reservoir next month. ASM Steve Sherman took time to go over canoe basics, water safety and other essential navigating skills.

It was a wonderful time for scout moms to bond with other scout moms trading stories, challenges and observations. Most important, new scout moms learned from older scout moms how to keep their hands in their pockets as their scout figured out how to get stuff done. There’s lots of trial and error going on so hands in pockets and mouths silent is the toughest lesson for any scout parent.

Big thanks go to this year’s organizers, ASM Cyndi Gyugyi, Betsy Fitch and Chris Anderson.

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