An invitation to Troop 80

If you are a young man thinking about joining a Boy Scout Troop in the Mountain View area, this page is for you. Read to find out what it means to be part of Troop 80.

Troop 80 Colors
Red, white, and blue are the patriotic colors of the American Flag and also the colors of Troop 80.

Troop 80 Philosophy
The job of adult scout leaders is to ensure safety and coach the scouts in leadership and outdoor skills. The goal of every troop activity is to train scouts further in leadership and self-reliance. So sometimes we do things the hard way, because the hard way requires more skill and you only really learn by practice. Scouts learn quickly when they are allowed to enjoy their own successes and failures in a safe environment.

Part of doing things the hard way is wearing the full Scout uniform. A boy wearing the Scout uniform is instantly recognizable as a member of the troop. The boy leaders conduct regular uniform inspections at troop meetings and campouts. This teaches Scouts to have concern for their personal appearance and hopefully to learn to take pride in being neat and orderly.

Another part of doing things the hard way is using tarps instead of tents for shelter on campouts. Since the local climate is dry and mild enough that rain, bugs, or wind are seldom a problem, most of the time a tent would just be extra weight. Then again, when you have a storm, it takes more skill and ingenuity to pitch a tarp to keep the rain out. A tarp is more versatile and cheap than a tent. This teaches Scouts to be frugal and inventive.

And the hardest part of doing things the hard way is to coach the Scouts to run their own troop. Following the Patrol Method, Scouts elect their own leaders who are responsible for planning and running all troop activities. This teaches Scouts to take responsibility, to plan ahead, and how to improvise when things go wrong.

Troop 80 is active. Our slogan is “Where the action is …” and we live up to it. There is an outdoor activity every month, and the vast majority of them involve camping, and whenever possible the campsites are away from roads and parking lots. When they’re not camping, our Scouts are likely to be helping on a community service project, working to raise money to fund their program, or coming up with interesting ways to present their monthly themes.

Troop 80 Invitation
If you think Troop 80 might be the troop for you, please accept our invitation to visit us. There are two invitation letters:

  1. One letter for boys written by our scouts; and
  2. One letter for parents from the Troop Committee Chair.

Alternatively, you can send us a message via our contact page.